Upgrade your Wireless

Visitors Stay Longer When They Can Connect

We Make it Easy

We provide park Wi-Fi that just works, with no excuses; fully managed ​fiber optic-fed broadband access to the most remote locations. If your guests are still running on slow satellite, DSL, or cable modem, and are not currently experiencing our services, sign up now! There is no up-front cost to the concessioner, hospitality owner  or government.

Guests with reliable Broadband Wi-Fi stay at AccessParks sites an average of two days longer.


Beyond Guest Wifi

AccessParks internet service gives you more than fast internet connections for your guests. It helps your business.

  • Guests get better access to your online services while they are there
  • Guests market for you through social sharing of their experience
  • Tour booking made easier and faster
  • Better employee retention
  • Business operations are more efficient
  • Accessibility for Digital Signage and Marketing
  • Enhanced, 15-ft radius of guest location for E911

Upload Speeds Per User

25+ mbps



Download Speeds Per User

25+ mbps

Service Options

No upfront costs. True Broadband. Any location.

SmartParks Platform
Our end-to-end system for connectivity, monitoring and support. Our SmartParks™ solution is truly a revolution in the outdoors, and comes at no installation cost to the venue owner.

Partner Revenue Sharing Programs
If we sell directly to your guests we give a commission back to whomever manages/owns the site.

Flexible Payment Models
We offer Broadband-as-a-service, no upfront payment model for installation. We charge a flat rate per room or space for amenity wi-fi.

Bulk Rates
AccessParks™ offers attractive bulk rates as well as partner revenue
sharing programs for established park concessioners. Contact for more info.

What Plan is right for you?


AccessParks™ is the first and only approved Broadband concessioner within the US National Park System

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